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The Apothecary Circle Program (ACP) was established in 2007 at the Kaiser Permanente South Bay Medical Center to recruit and introduce students in underrepresented ethnic groups to the profession of pharmacy so that these future pharmacists can meet the needs of our diverse communities. Underrepresented ethnicities in the pharmacy profession include, but are not limited to, Hispanics, African Americans, American Indians, and young men. The Apothecary Circle Program partners with high school and undergraduate college recruiters to promote the profession of pharmacy and recruit students for the program. ACP is now in four Kaiser Permanente medical centers, Baldwin Park, Riverside, Los Angeles, and South Bay, with expansion to other medical centers in the near future.

The Mission of ACP

  • Attract students in underrepresented ethnic groups to the pharmacy profession.
  • Educate students, families, pharmacy school administrators, and teachers about the role of the pharmacist and pharmacy support staff in improving the health outcomes of patients.
  • Provide mentoring opportunities, practical internships in various practice settings, and leadership experiences for program participants.
  • Engage undergraduate students in pharmacy-related community activities.
  • Collaborate with pharmacy schools to develop underrepresented students into prime candidates for pharmacy school admission.
  • Improve the health outcomes of our diverse community.

How to Apply:

Please email a letter of intent to apothecary-circle@kp.org, detailing your interest in the Pharmacy profession. Interested applicants are invited to an Annual Open House during the first quarter of the year.

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