Child Health Program
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Child Health Program

      A healthy future starts today

      Your child’s health affects everything from physical and emotional well being to academic performance. By enrolling your child in the Kaiser Permanente Child Health Program, you can ensure that your child receives the health care he or she needs to thrive. Depending on your family size and income, your monthly payment may be just $0 or $10 or $20 per child, for up to three children. Additional children are covered at no additional cost.

      Kaiser Permanente Child Health Program (CHP) is a Community Benefit (CB) program that provides a Kaiser Permanente premium subsidy to lower your child’s monthly payment amounts associated with:

      • Enrollment in the KP CA Platinum 0/20 health coverage plan
      • Enrollment in the DeltaCare® USA program

      This program also lowers cost sharing for covered services provided at Kaiser Permanente medical offices and hospitals to $0*. Please note that you will still have copayments for dental services regardless of where covered services are provided.

      *If services are not provided at Kaiser Permanente medical offices and hospitals, you will be responsible for the full cost sharing amounts.

      Applying for coverage

      Outside of the open enrollment period, you can enroll or change your coverage only if you have experienced a triggering event. For example, if you get married, have a baby, or lose coverage because you lose your job - all triggering events - you will have a special enrollment period (SEP). An SEP last 60 days after the triggering event occurs. This means you have 60 days from the day of the triggering event to change or apply for health care coverage.

      Additional information about the SEP can be found in the Enrolling during a special enrollment period flyer.