Child Health Plan
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      Your children are able to participate in the Kaiser Permanente Child Health Program if they are uninsured and:

      • live in a Kaiser Permanente service area,
      • are under the age of 19,
      • live in a household with incomes up to 300% of the federal poverty level (for example: $60,270 for a family of 3, $72,750 for a family of 4 per 2015 guidelines), and
      • do not have access to any other health coverage. This includes, but is not limited to:

      • Medi-Cal
      • Medicare
      • a job-based health plan
      • coverage through Covered California

      You and your children do not have to be U.S. citizens to join our Child Health Program.

      The Child Health Program may close to new applicants without notice.

      What if my children stop meeting these requirements?

      Then they won't be able to stay in the Child Health Program. Enrollment in the Kaiser Permanente Platinum 90 HMO plan will continue, but you will be required to pay the full monthly premium and your out-of-pocket costs, unless you ask us to terminate your membership.

      Monthly Payment Amounts

      If your total family size is...
      And you make this much per year (before taxes)
      1 $0 – $16,243 $23,541 – $35,310
      2 $0 – $21,983 $21,984 – $31,860 $31,861 – $47,790
      3 $0 – $27,724 $27,725 – $40,180 $40,181 – $60,270
      4 $0 – $33,465 $33,466 – $48,500 $48,501 – $72,750
      5 $0 – $39,206 $39,207 – $56,806 $56,821 – $85,203
      6 $0 – $44,947 $44,948 – $65,140 $65,141 – $97,710
      7 $0 – $50,687 $50,688 – $73,460 $73,461 – $110,190
      8 $0 – $56,428 $56,429 – $81,780 $81,781 – $122,670
      For each additional person Add $4,160 Add $4,160 Add $4,160
      Your monthly payment would be...
      $0 per child $10 per child $20 per child

      Note: The income ranges shown above may change. A single parent/guardian who lives with 1 child is considered a family of 2.

      For more information, read our Child Health Program Overview brochure


      If you need more options

      Your child might not meet the requirements for the Child Health Program. If so, financial help from the government could help you stay with Kaiser Permanente.

      Your other Kaiser Permanente coverage options may include:


      Medi-Cal is a state government program for those who can't afford regular health coverage. Your children may qualify if your family has a yearly income up to 133% of the federal poverty level. In 2016, this would be $26,813 for a family of 3, or $32,319 for a family of 4.

      Note: No sooner than May 1, 2016, the California DHCS (Department of Health Care Services) will begin providing Medi-Cal coverage to all low income children under the age of 19, regardless of immigration status.

      If you are not yet a Kaiser Permanente member and want to learn more and to apply for Medi-Cal, visit

      A range of other plans

      We can offer plenty of choices to help you find the best plan for your family. To find out which plan fits your needs, go to You can also call our National Direct Sales Center at 1-866-329-3468.

      Other health insurance plans from Covered California

      If your income level or immigration status changed, you may have other coverage choices with Covered California (California's health insurance marketplace). Covered California offers Kaiser Permanente plans along with plans from other carriers. Call Covered California at 1-800-300-1506 (English), 1-800-300-0213 (Spanish), or 1-800-300-1533 (Chinese).