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Permanente Advantage

Permanente Advantage services are not available to members of HMO, Medicare (Senior Advantage) or Self-funded products/plans.

Permanente Advantage, LLC is dedicated to ensuring that care received by our members is necessary, appropriate and safe.  We also assist members and their families in navigating the health care system and help them understand and maximize their health care benefits.

Our online resources provide quick and easy access to the information you need to work effectively with Kaiser Permanente and to provide the best possible service to our members.

About Permanente Advantage

Discover who we are, our mission, our URAC accreditation and the products we support in each region.

Participating providers

Find links to the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) contracted for each region.


Learn about the process to request an appeal of an adverse (denial) determination.

Other resources

Locate key phone numbers and resources for PPO and POS members by region.

Pre-certification request

Learn about the pre-certification process for routine requests, urgent requests and hospital admissions. 

Release of Medical Information (ROI)

Download Permanente Advantage’s Release of Medical Information form as well as other useful forms.

Statement of Authorized Representative (SAR)

Download Permanente Advantage’s Statement of Authorized Representative form as well as other useful forms.

The material contained on this site is for general information purposes only.  It is offered to assist providers that may come into contact with members, including both contracted providers and those who do not otherwise have contracts with Kaiser Permanente to provide services to members.
Providers that do have contracts with Kaiser Permanente to provide services to members must exclusively consult their contract and related provider manual(s) for final determination of any issue addressed on this site.
Nothing on this site shall be interpreted to bind Kaiser Permanente in any way, or in any manner to modify the terms and conditions of a provider contract with Kaiser Permanente.  Kaiser Permanente may modify or change any of the material referenced on this site without any obligation to update this site or otherwise notify the general public.