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  • You may now submit online disputes, appeals, supplemental claim attachments or request for information (RFI) via Online Affiliate. Learn more about our new Claim submission tools and partnership.

These online resources are designed to provide quick and easy access to the information you need to work effectively with Kaiser Permanente and ensure the best possible service to our members. While this information is as up-to-date and accurate as possible, it does not take the place of the terms of any contract your organization may have with Kaiser Permanente.

We are committed to promoting the total health of Kaiser Permanente members. We appreciate the services you provide to support that mission. 

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Contracted and non-contracted providers can view their claim status as a guest user without registering. You will be asked to provide key information about a claim in question. In return, you will be able to view claim status information, including the current processing status, and, if paid, the vendor and specific payment information. If your claim is not found in the Guest User system, call the phone number listed on the member’s ID card.

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The material contained on this site is for general information purposes only.  It is offered to assist providers that may come into contact with members, including both contracted providers and those who do not otherwise have contracts with Kaiser Permanente to provide services to members. 

Providers that do have contracts with Kaiser Permanente to provide services to members must exclusively consult their contract and related provider manual(s) for final determination of any issue addressed on this site. 

Nothing on this site shall be interpreted to bind Kaiser Permanente in any way, or in any manner to modify the terms and conditions of a provider contract with Kaiser Permanente.  Kaiser Permanente may modify or change any of the material referenced on this site without any obligation to update this site or otherwise notify the general public.

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