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Kaiser Permanente Medicare Part D formulary


Our Medicare Part D drug formulary is a list of prescription drugs that are approved for coverage by Kaiser Permanente's Medicare health plan.


View or download the Medicare Part D drug formulary.


Kaiser Permanente comprehensive formulary


This formulary is effective as of 08/2020.


Choosing your Kaiser Permanente doctor


We make it easy for you to choose the right doctor. All of our available doctors welcome Kaiser Permanente Medicare health plan members, and you can change to another available Kaiser Permanente doctor anytime for any reason.


View or download the provider directory for your service area for a list of doctors near you.


Provider Directory


Or to browse doctor profiles and get information about their education, background, credentials, specialties, and more, use our online directory.  


Choosing a pharmacy


We operate our own pharmacies and contract with affiliated pharmacies that meet Medicare requirements for pharmacy access.


View or download the pharmacy directory for a list of pharmacies in your area.


Pharmacy Directory


Temporary facility closures and changes


We're gradually reopening facilities that were temporarily closed due to the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. We have safety measures in place, including requiring masks at all Kaiser Permanente locations. See updates about your local facilities.


Ask for a document to be mailed to you


If you would like to receive a document by mail or need help finding a provider or pharmacy in our network, call us at 1-800-232-4404 (TTY 711), 7 days a week, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.






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In California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Georgia and the District of Columbia, Kaiser Permanente is an HMO plan with a Medicare contract. In Maryland and Virginia, Kaiser Permanente is an HMO plan and a Cost plan with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in Kaiser Permanente depends on contract renewal.


You must reside in the Kaiser Permanente Medicare health plan service area in which you enroll.


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