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When you're estimating your yearly health care expenses, our tools can help you understand the cost of treatment and manage your deductible plan.

Kaiser Permanente treatment fee tool

We've created a simple, three-step tool that lets you estimate fees for common health care services. Just enter some basic information about an upcoming visit, and you'll receive a general estimate of your appointment fee.


You can view the fee for a specific service or get a general estimate of your family's potential out-of-pocket medical costs for the year.


View your health care fees

The Kaiser Permanente Sample Fee List

View charges for Kaiser Permanente services♦, such as office visits, lab tests, and X-rays.


Learning more about treatments and medications

Making health decisions
Get help making health care decisions that are right for you, whether they’re about everyday concerns or serious health conditions.


Searching our drug encyclopedia
Look up detailed information on thousands of drugs, including precautions, side effects, and how to use medications.


Important note: The Kaiser Permanente treatment fee tool and Sample Fee List provide price information regarding certain Kaiser Permanente health care services you may use. The information is updated periodically, so please check back from time to time to learn if there are cost changes for services of interest to you.


The services and fees you see are not based on any information gathered from your medical record but are the fees that Kaiser Permanente would charge members for the listed services.


Your actual out-of-pocket expenses for health care will depend on the care you receive, the charges for that care, whether your health care provider is a Kaiser Permanente clinician, and the terms of your specific benefit plan. Drug prices are estimates only and do not state the exact amount of your benefit payment or out-of-pocket costs, if any.


Since medical information changes constantly, this information might not be totally current or complete. While we update this information periodically, the information on this site may not reflect all information regarding approval or withdrawal of drugs by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or voluntary withdrawal of drugs by pharmaceutical manufacturers.


Access to the Kaiser Permanente treatment fee tool and Sample Fee List does not guarantee that you will be accepted for coverage under a Kaiser Permanente health plan.


Your Evidence of Coverage contains a complete explanation of benefits, exclusions, and limitations. The information provided here is not intended or designed to serve as your Evidence of Coverage.


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