Staying physically active benefits your total health.

Make exercise a daily prescription

Family physician Robert Sallis, MD, former president of the American College of Sports Medicine, explains how fitness can improve your health—and how to make it part of your daily life.

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Healthy lifestyle programs created on your specific needs.

Virtual coach = real results

The motivation you need to live healthier is at your fingertips.

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You belong to an award-winning health plan

Making lives better

Kaiser Permanente gets high marks for care quality, medical centers.

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Learn to manage urinary incontinence.

Take back control

Is urinary incontinence disrupting your life?

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Take care of your emotional well-being.

Support your whole self

Tending to your emotions can help keep you healthy in mind and body.

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Tips to prevent you from falling.

Stand strong

5 ways you can help prevent falls.

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