Age is just a number

Age gracefully and healthfully by following these five tips:

1. Stay active. Physical activity helps you:

• stay at a healthy weight

• prevent or control illness

• sleep better

• reduce stress

• improve your balance and avoid falls

• look and feel better overall

Review fitness recommendations specifically for older adults.

2. Eat right. The right amount of nutritious foods helps you maintain the best weight for your body. A healthy diet also provides the vitamins and minerals you need to feel good and stay sharp. Learn more about eating smart.

3. Be safe. As our bodies age, it’s natural to experience changes in our reflexes, balance, and vision. If you’re not as confident a driver as you used to be, consider driving only during daylight or taking public transportation. Likewise, take steps to prevent injuries around the house.

4. Stay up to date on immunizations and screenings. Review our preventive care recommendations or talk with your physician to find out if, when, and how often you need these services. And don’t forget to schedule vision, dental, and hearing checkups.

5. Have fun. Staying interested and involved in the world is an important part of healthy aging. People with strong social networks are often healthier and happier than those with few social connections. Combine your social life and pursuit of fitness: Join a health class.

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