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Another level of care in Walnut Creek

A powerful way of providing a meaningful care experience to members is unfolding at our Walnut Creek Medical Center. The medical center’s new care model, championed by nurses and other caregivers, uses the Science of Human Caring to emphasize the personal side of healing.

The originator of the Science of Human Caring, Jean Watson, PhD, gave a presentation last year at our new Antioch Medical Center. Her theory of science and human relations is the model of patient care in Antioch—summed up by the acronym ACE, which stands for authentic relationships; compassionate, competent care; and the ethics of face-to-face communication.  The theory has now spread to Walnut Creek, where teams have been applying the caring theory to their everyday work with patients.

Nurses are the core of the caring teams, but the caring theory is also practiced by unit assistants, technicians, and other health care team members, including physicians.

 “This is changing the meaning of healing in health care,” says Angela Wahleithner, RN, chief nursing officer at Walnut Creek.

Abby Velez, a registered nurse, says “we’re encouraging nurses to stop, take a deep breath, and clear their minds of job stresses and work issues before they go in to see the patient.”

Wahleithner says the caring theory provides members with high-quality care with a compassionate touch. “Our patients say that nurses and staff care for them not only as patients, but as people.”

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Meeting your breast imaging needs in Martinez

With the opening of our new Diablo Breast Imaging Center in Martinez, you can now take care of your follow-up breast imaging needs in one location in as few visits as possible.

The Diablo Breast Imaging Center provides you with:

• Breast imaging specialists who can interpret your exams during your appointment and often give you results on the same day.

• Specialized equipment for diagnostic mammograms or biopsies.

• Breast care coordinators and other health care team members in one location to help and support you.

You should schedule a routine mammography screening at one of our other Kaiser Permanente facilities. And if you have abnormal results from the screening, you may be referred to the Diablo Breast Imaging Center in Martinez for further tests.

“Getting additional testing because of an abnormal mammogram can create a lot of anxiety. The new Diablo Breast Imaging Center allows us to quickly evaluate patients because we have the specialized equipment and the experts to interpret them all in one spot,” says Lindsay Cheng, MD, director of the imaging center. Dr. Cheng says the imaging center can often offer same-day appointments for ultrasounds or biopsies, if needed.

Our Vallejo and Vacaville Medical Centers also have coordinated breast health programs that can take care of most follow-up breast imaging needs in one location, in a minimum number of visits. Upcoming issues of Partners in Health will have more information.

Find out more.

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