Where we stand on health care reform

The topic of health care reform is in the news a lot. At Kaiser Permanente, we are committed to getting high-quality, affordable health care coverage for everybody.

To make this universal access a reality, we believe changes to our health care system should deal with how care is delivered and paid for. We also feel that looking closely at our communities, cultures, and workplaces can make health care better.

There are three main ways we believe health care can change.

• Help everybody get coverage by changing the industry. This includes helping people who can’t afford to pay for insurance. It also means giving coverage to people who are very ill or have a condition that may make them very ill in the future.

• Encourage safe, effective, and timely care by changing how providers are paid. Doctors, clinics, and hospitals should be paid in a way that rewards preventive care and working together. Tools that support a team approach to care, like electronic medical records, can help this goal. Patients and consumers must also be encouraged to play a big part in their care.

• Review everything that affects health, including our cultures, environment, and society. Where we come from affects how we see health care. Every community should have the tools to promote and support healthy lifestyles. Everybody should understand the value of preventive care.

Read how Kaiser Permanente is making a difference on health care reform.

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