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New parents get to celebrate at Santa Rosa

Before a new mom is discharged from the hospital after giving birth, the Maternal Child Services team at our Santa Rosa Medical Center provides a celebratory dinner for mom and her partner — complete with good china and glassware.

Lisa Hazelton, RN manager, says the program started a year ago as a way to give new parents a special meal before they start the next chapter in their lives with a baby. The dinner is served in the new private patient rooms at our new hospital tower.

“The parents love having that time where they can sit down and eat a meal together with their brand new baby. It may be their last quiet meal,” Hazelton says with a laugh.

Visit our online Pregnancy Center for information about having a healthy pregnancy and birth.

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Bringing our model of care to the community

At Kaiser Permanente, we believe the health of our members is supported by the communities they live in. Our Community Benefit program works with the San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium* to improve the health of people who visit local community health clinics.

“The consortium plays a critical role in the health of our communities by providing comprehensive primary care services to people who are uninsured or underinsured,” says Lara Sallee, Community Benefit manager at our San Francisco Medical Center.

“Kaiser Permanente is proud to be able to share our best practices (in caring for patients) to further support these community clinics in providing quality care to our most vulnerable members of society.”

We began a formal collaboration with the San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium in 2003. Since then, our physicians, nurses, and other Kaiser Permanente employees have volunteered their time to support the consortium’s efforts. Some sit on the health clinic boards.

Here are examples of how this collaboration works: A Kaiser Permanente registered nurse helps the clinics develop chronic disease management programs and a doctor trains clinic staff on ways to help reduce heart disease based on our PHASE (Preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes Everyday) program.

Last fall, the consortium recognized Kaiser Permanente for its work with the 10 clinics that make up the San Francisco group.

“Sharing its expertise in clinical care, PHASE, diabetes management, and technical assistance in facility designs, Kaiser Permanente has supported the city’s largest nonprofit primary care network offering services to more than 78,000 patients annually,” says John Gressman, president and chief executive officer of the San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium.

Learn more about how Kaiser Permanente is working to improve your community.

*Kaiser Permanente is not responsible for the content or policies of external Internet sites.

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