Los Angeles, West Los Angeles

Student volunteers learn about medical field

More than 450 youth recently received on-the-job experience while working as volunteers at our Los Angeles Medical Center.

The students represented 23 area high schools and 12 colleges participating in a nonprofit partnership designed to provide work experience for teens and young adults.

“Our goal is to keep these wonderful students on as volunteers during the school year,” says Kathleen McIntire, director of Volunteer and Chaplain Services at LAMC. “If they stay with us, they’ll be able to choose their assignments and gain broad exposure to the medical field.”

Students worked as care partners on nursing floors, answered phones, stocked supplies, greeted visitors, provided customer service, and worked in our new cafeteria.

“Our staff has been wonderful with the students,” says McIntire. “Many have taken them under their wings and given them true experience to help them choose a career path.”

We need volunteers of all ages. For more information about becoming a volunteer, please call:

Los Angeles: 323-783-8109
West Los Angeles: 323-857-2240

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