Drop the pounds and help drop your diabetes risk.

Improve your health to help reduce your diabetes risk

Drop those extra pounds, and your chance for developing diabetes could drop with them.

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 Try our own Dr. Preston Maring's recipe for Farmers' Market Greek Salad.

A salad to savor

Enjoy fall’s bounty with this recipe.

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Photo of Baby Olivia

A heartwarming story of newborn's care

New parents cope with baby's heart defect and surgery.

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Find flu shot clinic information at kp.org/flu.

Fight the flu

A season of protection with one shot.

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Take care when taking acetaminophen

Medication safety

It's best known by the brand name Tylenol, but acetaminophen is found in many medications. And it can cause harm if it's not taken properly. Follow these safety tips.

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Exercise tips from Todd Weitzenberg, MD

You're never too old

Todd Weitzenberg, MD, offers advice for staying fit no matter your age or condition.

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Women's health leader Juanita Watts, MD, shares her family's story

Manage your family's care with ease

Women's health leader Juanita Watts, MD, shares how she acts for her family online.

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