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Postdoctoral Residencies in Clinical Psychology at San Jose



For the 2019-2020 training year, there will be a total of five San Jose postdoctoral residencies. Two positions will be on the Adult team and three positions will be on the Child team. 


Department of Adult Psychiatry
5755 Cottle Road, Building 4
San Jose, CA 95123

Director of Training: Kathleen Bonal, PhD
(408) 972-3295

The Adult Psychiatry clinic in San Jose is a very large and fast-paced clinic that serves a diverse population.  The staff works as a team, and includes approximately 17 psychologists (including 1 neuropsychologist), 12 psychiatrists (+1 physician’s assistant), 17 social workers and marriage-family therapists, 2 nurses, 2 pharmacists, and 1 medical assistant, as well as a large support staff.  The clinic offers outpatient treatment to a wide and diverse range of adults in the greater San Jose area.  Treatment is tailored to the needs of the individual member, and may consist of individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, and/or medication management.  Psychotherapy is typically brief and utilizes evidence-based practices, although some patients with parity diagnoses may require ongoing support and case management.  We also have an Intensive Outpatient Program for members who are just coming out of the psychiatric hospital or who are at risk of getting hospitalized.  We treat a wide variety of psychiatric conditions, including depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenic spectrum disorders, and adjustment disorders.  The adult psychiatry staff also provides crisis evaluations and triage services, including safety assessments and evaluation for hospitalization. 

Postdoctoral residents would be involved in doing intake evaluations, determining diagnoses and developing treatment plans, doing crisis evaluations, triaging patients to a higher level of care if needed, providing individual therapy to their caseload of patients, and co-leading group therapy.  Psychological assessment will also be a part of their training, as well as a rotation in the Intensive Outpatient Program and some exposure to neuropsychological testing.


Department of Child Psychiatry
6620 Via Del Oro
San Jose, CA 95119

Co-Directors of Training:
Marcus Green, PhD
(408) 360-2307

Andrew Berger, PhD
Phone: 408-360-2304

The Child and Adolescent Clinic at San Jose has one of the largest number of staff members in the Northern California Region for Child and Adolescent services in Psychiatry. The staff includes approximately six psychologists, four psychiatrists, eight clinical social workers, four marriage and family therapists, two nurses, two postdoctoral psychology residents, two Stanford psychiatry fellows and two postmaster marriage and family therapist interns.

The department offers outpatient therapy to parents, families, and children. The therapy coverage for most Kaiser Members is focused, brief treatment, although patients with severe and chronic problems have access to ongoing services. Patients are encouraged to participate in classes and groups that are offered for most problem areas.

The Preschool Treatment Program provides screening intake evaluations for children from ages two through five years old. The School Age Treatment Program provides intake evaluations for children from ages 6 through 12 attending elementary school. The Adolescent Treatment Program provides intake evaluations for children from ages 12 through 18. We have over 18 specialized groups that address specific age groups, diagnoses and life events, including our teen intensive outpatient program, depression and anxiety groups, eating disorders and social skills groups among many others. Treatment may include parenting classes, social skills education, group therapy, behavior plans, case management, and school consultation as well as individual and family therapy. The residents are a part of the on-call triage team which covers urgent intakes and hospital consultations.

The Spanish-speaking team consists of one psychiatrist, one LCSW and two MFTs who provide daytime on call/triage services, intakes and evaluations, ADHD evaluations, individual, family and group psychotherapy, parenting classes and parenting support groups for Spanish-speaking families.




Our clinic in San Jose is very diverse, both in terms of patient population and symptom presentation.  Staff is also diverse in terms of ethnic background and theoretical orientation, though most of the staff is familiar with evidence-based practices.  In terms of languages spoken, Vietnamese and Spanish are probably our highest demands.


General information pertaining to this training program is located on the main web page for Postdoctoral Residency Programs in Clinical Psychology.  Information listed on the main page includes:

  • Program Mission
  • Program Background and History
  • Program Aims, Objectives and Competencies
  • Resident Hours, Supervision and Training
  • Resident Competencies Evaluations and Program Surveys
  • Resident Due Process and Grievance Procedures

Accessible from the main page is the Postdoctoral Residency Programs Policy and Procedure Manual, where most program information is located. Information located in this manual includes but is not limited to the items listed above, as well as the following policies:

  • Program Minimum Requirements
  • Program Minimal Levels of Achievement
  • Resident Remediation and Corrective Action Procedures
  • Resident Benefits and Services






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