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The South East Bay Consortium is an APA-accredited* and APPIC-member psychology postdoctoral residency program that is well-integrated into the Kaiser Permanente health care system.  Residents placed in the Department of Psychiatry are required to complete 40 hours per week over a 12-month period.

The South East Bay Consortium postdoctoral residency program (SEBC) is sequential, cumulative, and graduated in complexity. Graduated and sequential aspects of the residency programs are achieved through supervision, evaluation and didactic seminars. One half of the residents’ time is spent providing direct services to clientele through individual, group, family, or couple therapy and conducting psychological assessments. In addition to the required two hours of individual supervision weekly by a licensed psychologist, residents also participate in at least two additional hours of individual and/or group supervision, case conferences, team meetings, and weekly seminars. For SEBC's seminar schedule for the current training year, click here. Residents are encouraged to attend the quarterly training seminars for the general staff.

In addition to weekly consortium seminars, and individual and group supervision at their training sites, residents are expected to attend half-day regional seminars. The first regional seminar of the training year usually focuses on Ethics and the Law. This ensures all postdoctoral residents have a sound working knowledge of California’s professional code of conduct.  Other topics of regional seminars have included: Neuropsychology, Diversity and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. These seminars are developed by the Northern California Regional Training Director.

*Accreditation information can be obtained from the Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation, 750 First Street NE; Washington, DC 20002-4242.
Phone: 202/336-5979; TDD-TTY: 202/336-6123; Email:
Web Site:

**Postdoctoral Residency Admissions, Support, and Initial Placement Data:  To view these data, click here.

South East Bay Consortium


Consortium Director and Director of Training: Allison Burns-Pentecost, PsyD

Fremont, Department of Psychiatry

FREMONT, CA. 94538

Director of Training: Gerald Gonzales, PhD

Department of Psychiatry, Fremont Site

The Fremont Department of Psychiatry hosts two postdoctoral residency positions that combine child/family and adult services.  These positions give residents opportunities to sharpen clinical and assessment skills with children/family and adults.  Currently, the professional staff in the Fremont clinic consists of full and part-time staff: 22 licensed psychologists, 11 Master's level clinicians (e.g., LCSW & LMFT), eight psychiatrists and five psychiatric nurses.  The psychiatry department is divided into two primary service teams: Adult Services and Child and Adolescent Services.  Both service teams are housed in the same location, allowing for efficient and effective consultation.  They provide individual, group, and family therapy, psychological assessment, intensive outpatient program services, medication management and crisis intervention. 

Department staff members have experience with many psychotherapeutic modalities including cognitive behavioral, family systems, dialectical behavior, and psychodynamic therapy.  The patient population consists of Kaiser Health Plan members possessing prepaid benefits.  The ethnic and cultural make-up of this population is diverse.  The California School for the Deaf is also located in Fremont and staff members regularly work with hearing-impaired adults and youth.  Presenting problems are varied and span all psychiatric conditions.

Fremont is located in the San Francisco Bay area within commuting distance of San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose. With a population of 203,600, the city has been cited as a rapidly growing community of professionals and families that continues to maintain a suburban atmosphere. The Kaiser-Fremont campus is strategically located within walking distance from BART (Northern California’s Bay Area Rapid Transit rail system) and a short distance from major highways. Surrounding areas within an hour and a half to two hours' drive include Napa Valley and coastal regions along the Monterey Peninsula and Big Sur.

Union City, Department of Psychiatry

(510) 675-3080

Director of Training: Allison Burns-Pentecost, PsyD

Department of Psychiatry, Union City Site

The Union City Department of Psychiatry has three postdoctoral residency positions; two on the Adult Services and one on the Child and Adolescent Services teams. The professional staff in Union City consists of approximately 36 licensed psychologists, 13 licensed clinical social workers, 18 licensed marriage and family therapists, 14 physicians, four nurse practitioners, and one registered dietician. The department is divided into four service teams: Adult Services, Child and Adolescent Services, Chemical Dependency Services, and Medication Services. These teams provide diagnostic, crisis intervention, medication, and psychotherapy services to children, adolescents, adults and families including clinical assessment, psychological testing, individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, play therapy with children, family therapy, psycho-education, and crisis triage services. 

Additionally, Adult Services and Child and Adolescent Services provide Intensive Outpatient Programs and case management.  The members of the staff represent a variety of theoretical orientations including psychodynamic therapies, family systems therapies, cognitive behavior therapies, dialectical behavior therapy and acceptance commitment therapy.  The patient population consists of Kaiser Health Plan members possessing prepaid psychiatric benefits.

The Union City Department of Psychiatry is located in Union City and is part of a beautifully-landscaped, three-building complex of outpatient medical clinics for one of the most diverse populations of Kaiser Permanente members. Union City is located in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. The climate is mild and the area offers many opportunities for dining, entertainment, the arts, science, and recreation. Enjoyable day trips include San Francisco, the Pacific Ocean or the Napa/Sonoma wine country. Weekend excursions to ski resorts, Yosemite National Park and the Monterey Bay Area are also popular.


The program faculty includes licensed psychologists and board-certified psychiatrists who lead seminars and conduct individual and group supervision. Each training site is overseen by a training director and the consortium is led by a consortium director. Additional administrative guidance is provided by the Northern California director of training.  For South East Bay Consortium's training faculty brief biographies, click here.

On-Site Training Directors: Each training director develops their residents' schedules, which include: supervision from the primary and delegated supervisors; group supervision for psych assessment and case conferences; on site staff meetings, etc. Training directors also assign department programs/groups that meet residents’ particular interests and training goals. In addition, training directors are responsible for data collection/documentation and record keeping of trainees in their program, as well as program design, development and evaluation. The directors meet with supervisors once a week to discuss residents, program coordination, disseminate information, etc.

The training directors and the consortium director meet with the Northern California director of training on a quarterly basis to coordinate the consortiums training seminars, problem solve and insure standardization of training. Topics of discussion include: program development/evaluation, maintenance of records, recruitment, and keeping up-to-date with the Board of Psychology, APPIC, and APA standards.


The South East Bay is nestled within the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California. It is situated approximately 30 miles southeast of San Francisco, 20 miles north of San Jose, and 30 miles from California’s finest beaches.

The area offers many opportunities for dining, shopping, arts, science, and recreation. It is home to many beautiful parks, sports fields, community facilities, and recreational programs for people of all ages.


Our clients primarily reside in the Union City, Hayward, Fremont, San Leandro, and the San Lorenzo areas. The clientele are diverse in terms of socioeconomic, age, sexuality, disability, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. We work with translators and interpreters to aid in assessment and treatment when needed. The patient population consists of Kaiser Health Plan members possessing prepaid psychiatric benefits.


The Departments of Psychiatry at Fremont and Union City provide individual, group, family, psychological testing, and psycho-educational programs such as stress reduction, mood management, communication skills, and other classes. Each Psychiatry department offers approximately 30 different groups, from Dialectic Behavioral Therapy to Job Stress. The members of the staff represent a variety of theoretical orientations ranging from psychodynamic to cognitive behavioral therapy


General information pertaining to this training program is located on the main web page for Postdoctoral Residency Programs in Clinical Psychology.  Information listed on the main page includes:

  • Program Mission and Training Model
  • Program Background and History
  • Program Aims, Objectives and Competencies
  • Resident Hours, Supervision and Training
  • Resident Competencies Evaluations and Program Surveys
  • Resident Due Process and Grievance Procedures

Accessible from the main page is the Postdoctoral Residency Programs Policy and Procedure Manual, where most program information is located. Information located in this manual includes but is not limited to the items listed above, as well as the following policies:

  • Program Minimum Requirements
  • Program Minimal Levels of Achievement
  • Resident Remediation and Corrective Action Procedures
  • Resident Benefits and Services


We will be offering 3 postdoctoral residency positions for the 2017-2018 training year. All positions will be located at the Union City medical center.  Two positions offer training in Adult psychiatry, and one offers training in Child psychiatry. While each resident is assigned to a different team, they are nevertheless part of the larger training program. Assignment to site-specific positions is based on a “goodness of fit model,” meaning that qualified candidates have experience and interest in developing particular interests that match specific sites/departmental programs.




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