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South Sacramento Postdoctoral Psychology at Elk Grove

Director of Training: Heidi Schrumpf, JD, PhD


We have three postdoctoral residency positions in the Outpatient Program: Two are full-time, temporary in the Adult Outpatient Program, and one is a full-time temporary position in the Child & Adolescent Outpatient Program.  Residents in all three positions train primarily at Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento's satellite clinic in Elk Grove. However, a rotation in Behavioral Medicine takes place in the medical clinics in South Sacramento and Elk Grove.

The Postdoctoral Residency Experience at Elk Grove


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Culture of the Clinic and Training Teams

Elk Grove is an outpatient clinic offering mental health services to children, adolescents, adults, and families.  The Elk Grove team prides itself on collaboration and a strong emphasis is placed on consultation and team-based treatment planning.  The clinic has been described by past residents as well-rounded, calm, friendly, and happy environment with incredible support staff who go out of their way to assist our members. The clinical team includes psychiatrists, registered nurses, psychologists, LCSWs, MFTs, and a neuropsychologist.

The BMS team is comprised of psychologists and psychiatrists. They are integrated into the medical clinics and work collaboratively with the primary care providers in a fast paced environment. The BMS team prides themselves on being part of both the medical and psychiatric teams. They have been described by past residents as friendly, supportive flexible, inclusive, and fun…”like an odd little family.”

The supervisory team is comprised of seven psychologists and one psychiatrist.  While evidenced-based practices are valued and emphasized at Elk Grove and the entire South Sacramento training site, we believe that client care is enriched when we are able to integrate and develop the unique experiences, skill sets, and theoretical lenses brought by each resident.

Residency Orientation

Postdoctoral residents are exposed to several different evidence-based treatment modalities during their training year.  In addition to these modalities, the training faculty are committed to providing multiculturally aware and informed treatment to those who seek our services.  We value the unique knowledge and experiences individuals have when they seek out therapy, and it is our belief, that these experiences should be honored and not pathologized.  We believe that symptoms are often the result of contextual factors, and that individuals and families may simply need assistance in recognizing these factors, in order to find and/or connect to their preferred ways of being. 

Some of the theoretical frameworks the supervision team utilizes includes: CBT, ACT, Narrative Therapy, Solutions Focused-Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Interventions, Family Systems theories and Interpersonal Neurobiology.

Qualities We Seek in Prospective Residents

We are looking for trainees with experience in brief-therapy approaches, and a demonstrated commitment to multiculturally aware and informed treatment.  We are a fast-paced clinic with staff who enjoy working together.  Our recipe for group cohesion tends to be equal parts hard work and good humor. We believe that as psychologists, our task is, in large part, to help our clients form healthy sustainable relationships with themselves, others, and the world.  We believe that work begins with our efforts to take care of ourselves and our relationships as a treatment team. We seek postdoctoral residents who will both challenge us to continue growing and who will be a part of enriching the cohesiveness we have built together.




Sacramento, “The City of Trees,” is located at the confluence of the Sacramento and American rivers, in the Sacramento valley, an easy day trip from the ocean, San Francisco, Napa, or the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Lake Tahoe. Outdoor activities are popular, especially from April to November, when the weather is warm and dry, and winter affords skiing opportunities in the Sierra.  Cost of living is moderate for California communities and much more affordable than the Bay Area.  Sacramento is the heart of California’s Central Valley and also the state capitol. Elk Grove is known for its affordable new housing, proximity to downtown Sacramento and welcoming family atmosphere.

Patient Population

We have 180,000+ members covered in our area; the Kaiser programs in Sacramento cover approximately 30% of the residents of the county. The diversity of the south area is reflected in our patient population: White= 42%; Hispanic = 23%; Asian = 21%; African-American = 13%; Native-American = 1%.


The departments of Psychiatry at South Sacramento and Elk Grove offer outpatient therapy to adults, couples, families, and children. The therapy coverage for most Kaiser members is focused, brief treatment, although patients with severe and chronic problems have access to ongoing services. Treatment for many diagnostic groups is informed by Best Practice guidelines, developed and periodically updated by regional work groups. Patients are encouraged to participate in classes and groups that are offered for most problem areas. A treatment “package” often includes a combination of individual, group, classes, and possibly medication. Intensive Outpatient (“day treatment”), Alcohol and Drug treatment, Eating Disorders, and Dialectic Behavior Programs provide more intensive, focused options for treatment.



Application Process

Information on candidate qualifications, selection and the application process is located on the Postdoctoral Residency Programs in Clinical Psychology HOW TO APPLY web page.  Applicants are also advised to check the individual consortium pages for any additional application requirements.

Interview Information

We hold in-person interviews over a course of 2 weeks in order to accommodate applicants. While we prefer in-person interviews, we appreciate that time and money can be scarce during internship, and can make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

Our interviews are standardized and include a brief vignette. Members of the supervisory team make up the interviewing panel. We will also inquire about a case you’re worked on in the past in terms of diagnostics, treatment modalities used, difficult situations, and outcomes.

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