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The training program at Kaiser Permanente, Vallejo/Vacaville, is part of the North Bay Consortium Postdoctoral Psychology Residency Program, and consists of regularly-scheduled consortial training seminars, individual and group supervision, and direct clinical experiences with a broad array of clients and treatment modalities.

We offer 10 postdoctoral residency positions, with possible rotations based on preference on the Adult, Child and Family, and/or Behavioral Medicine Teams.




The North Bay

The region north of San Francisco Bay Region encompasses the much of the “wine country” and suburban as well as semi-rural communities. The area is geographically positioned for easy drives to the urban areas of San Francisco and the East Bay Communities of Berkeley and Oakland. The ocean is an hour’s drive and the Sierra Nevada Mountains are two hour’s drive. The clientele come from Solano and Napa Counties and, to a smaller extent, Contra Costa and Sonoma Counties.


Patient Population

The patient populations of Napa and Solano counties consist of Kaiser Health Plan members possessing prepaid psychiatric benefits and covers a broad ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic spectrum. All age groups and virtually all psychiatric categories are represented. With the addition of The Solano Partnership, our clientele also includes people who qualify for Medi-Cal. The ethnic diversity of these counties is also fairly broad, including Caucasians, African-Americans, Latinos, and Asians. Our clients also include monolingual families who speak languages such as Spanish and Tagalog.


Training Staff

The combined professional staff consists of full and part-time staff: 31 psychologists, 18 psychiatrists (four with specialty in child psychiatry), 23 licensed psychiatric social workers, 18 Marriage and Family Therapists, 2 nurse practitioners and 6 psychiatric nurses. A team of triage staff members provides front line access for patients through telephone and face to face contacts.


Goals, Objectives, and Competencies



The Department of Psychiatry provides individual, group, family and play therapy with children, psychological testing, and psycho-educational programs such as stress reduction, couples communication and other classes. It also includes an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that provides services to recently hospitalized individuals or people who would otherwise be at risk for hospitalization. We run approximately 55 different groups, from Dialetic Behavioral Therapy to Job Stress. The members of the staff represent a variety of theoretical orientations ranging from psychodynamic to cognitive behavioral therapy.




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