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HOW TO APPLY - Postdoctoral Residency Programs in Clinical Psychology

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    Application deadlines have been extended for select tracks.  Please visit the APPA CAS Application portal to view new deadlines.


    We now accept applications from students who are pursuing doctoral degrees in School Psychology and Health Psychology, in addition to Clinical or Counseling Psychology.

    Qualifications of Candidates

    Each candidate selected for a Kaiser Permanente Northern California (KPNC) postdoctoral residency position must be enrolled in or have completed: an APA-accredited doctoral academic program; and an APA-accredited or APPIC member doctoral internship.  Their doctoral degree must be in one of the following: Clinical, Counseling, Health or School Psychology; or Education.  Furthermore, they must have successfully completed all requirements for their doctoral degree before the residency program's official start date. In addition, the candidate must have their degree officially conferred upon them by December 31st of the same year in which their residency begins.

    All qualified candidates must have the legal right to work in the United States without current or future employer sponsorship.  For the purpose of this question, "employer sponsorship" includes, but is not limited to, H-1B, TN, AC-21, O-1, E-3, F-1 OPT, and F-1 CPT. Please refer to List of Acceptable Documents for I-9 (pdf) for more information.

    The application process begins with the applicant completing an application in the APPA CAS portal (see below for more information).  If selected, the new resident will be subject to a background check and a drug test.

    Please note: Our postdoctoral residencies are specifically designed as training positions, and we accept only those applicants who are in need of SPE postdoctoral hours in order to achieve licensure.  We regret that we cannot accept any applicant who has (or will have, by program start date) already completed a postdoctoral training year, and/or achieved licensure.

    All selected applicants MUST have completed ALL requirements for their doctoral degrees before starting the formal program.

    Selection Process

    The selection processes for our residency programs are directed toward identifying postdoctoral candidates who have competencies in providing individual and group psychotherapy and who have had exposure to models of brief therapy.  In addition, targeted applicants have experience working with diverse clientele, are familiar with evidence-based practices and have experience in administering psychological assessments and in team-specific duties.  We encourage each applicant to apply to only those positions for which the applicant is qualified.

    APPA CAS Application Service

    All KPNC postdoctoral residency programs participate in the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers' (APPIC) national Postdoctoral Psychology Centralized Application Service ("APPA CAS"). Anyone who wishes to apply for a KPNC postdoctoral residency position must first complete the APPA CAS application (see next section, below).  Our training directors review the applications in the APPA CAS system.  Each qualified candidate is invited to complete an additional application through the KP jobs web site.

    For recruitment for the 2019-20 training year, our application portal on APPA CAS will open on November 15, 2018 and will close on January 11, 2019. Please note: this deadline may be extended at any time for a selection of our tracks. Go to APPA CAS and check the full program list for tracks with extended deadlines: 

    • It should be noted that in recent years, the bulk of applications have been received during the last few days before the deadline.  Please know that we review applications upon their receipt and schedule our limited interview times accordingly. Therefore, applicants are advised to submit their applications as early as possible once the application portal opens. 
    • Interviews take place during January and February.
    • As member programs of APPIC, all KPNC residency programs in clinical psychology adhere to APPIC's Uniform Notification Day (UND).  UND is the day on which all offers for KPNC postdoctoral positions will be made.  For the 2019-2020 training year, UND will be Monday, February 25, 2019. 
    • For the 2019-2020 training year, the official start date will be September 3, 2019 and the end date will be August 28, 2020.

    Application Process

    • All applicants must complete the online application process for our positions through the national APPA CAS system.
    • You may create your APPA CAS account at any time prior to our portal opening.
    • Applications will be reviewed in the order in which they are received.
    • IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO APPLICANTS:  If you upload the following TWO items from our total required application materials--Letter of Intent/Interest & CV/Resume-- and then submit your application and pay the fee, we will be able to review your application.  We can review it, regardless of what status the APPA CAS system lists your application under (e.g., as “Incomplete,” or “Unverified,” etc.).  In other words, a partially completed application can get you an interview. So, the sooner you submit and pay for your application, the better chance you have of obtaining an interview, as our interview times are limited.

    • ADDITIONAL IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO APPLICANTS: After submitting an incomplete application in APPA CAS, you will still need to provide any other required documents, but they can be reviewed at a later date.  However, if you submit your letter of interest and CV, and pay your fee by our programs' application deadline, your APPA CAS account will remain open after the application deadline.  This means that you and/or your references will be able to upload additional materials even after our programs' deadline.

    • Qualified candidates will be invited to complete an additional application through the KP jobs web site.
    • If, by our portal closing date, an insufficient number of qualified applicants have applied to any position, the portal may be re-opened to receive additional applications.  Applicants should check the portal for any re-opened postings.
    • In order to utilize the APPA CAS system, it is best to have either Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers on your computer.
    • To begin the APPA CAS application process, go to:

    Interviews and Uniform Notification Day

    Qualified applicants will be invited to be interviewed and, as noted above, interviews take place in January and February.  As member programs of APPIC, all KPNC residency programs in clinical psychology adhere to APPIC's Uniform Notification Day (UND).  UND is the day on which all offers for KPNC postdoctoral positions are made.  For the 2019-2020 training year, UND will be February 25, 2019. 



    1)    Reciprocal Offers Process:

     a)    A Candidate who has received a placement offer from a non-KP site (whether it be a clinical or research postdoc position or job offer) and who requires a decision prior to UND date may contact the training director (TD) at their first choice KP site and indicate that the KP site is their first choice (similar to a job search). The Candidate provides the training director with:

         i)     The name of the program that has made them a pre-UND offer

        ii)    The name and telephone number of the person who contacted them

       iii)   The time frame within which they have been allowed to hold this offer

     b)    KP TD will contact the non-KP program to verify offer

     c)    If the KP TD makes the Candidate a reciprocal offer, the Candidate is expected to accept or decline immediately. This decision is binding.

     d)    If the KP TD declines to make a reciprocal offer, the Candidate is permitted to contact another KP TD/site, indicating that  this site is now their first choice.

    2)    Pre-UND (after all interviews are completed), all Candidates should:

     a)    Have their first choice clearly in mind, but also clarify for themselves which other program offers they would be happy to accept, if they are not offered their first choice

     b)    Have this list handy on UND, along with contact numbers of training directors



    • UND for the 2019-2020 training year will be Monday, February 25, 2019. 
    • It is recommended that Candidates not schedule any activities on this date that could interfere with the process of UND.
    • UND begins at 7:00 am, Pacific Standard Time (10:00 am, Eastern Standard Time) when KP training directors begin offering placements to Candidates. This process may last throughout the day.
    • A Candidate can: 1) Accept the offer immediately; 2) Place the offer on "hold" (see below for guidelines)

    1)    Acceptances:

     a)    Once a Candidate accepts an offer, they must call the remaining programs on their preferences list and inform them that they no longer wish to be considered at those locations.

     b)    Postdoctoral Training Directors (or their designees) will contact all other applicants by phone or e-mail on the day of the UND to inform them that the position is no longer available.

     c)    After the TD and Candidate come to an agreement, a formal offer letter will be mailed to the Candidate from KP’s Human Resources Recruitment.  The Candidate will formally accept the offer in writing and return the letter to HR.

     d)    Soon after being hired, the Candidate will receive a welcome letter from the training director.  Please see an example of this letter in the Resident Policy and Procedures Manual, on our website.

     e)    An accepted Candidate is always subject to further screenings, such as a physical exam, background check and drug test, and the findings from these screenings may result in disqualifying the Candidate.

    2)    “Holds”:

     a)    Candidates can place only one offer on "hold" at a time.

    - If a candidate is offered a position by one Kaiser program/site, but would prefer another Kaiser position where they also interviewed, they can put the first position on hold for up to 30 minutes while they find out where they stand with the training director at their preferred Kaiser position.

    - If a candidate is offered a position by a Kaiser site, but would prefer another position that is outside of the Kaiser programs, they can put the Kaiser site on hold for up to 4 hours while they find out where they stand with the training director at their preferred non-Kaiser site.

    - Either way, the candidate must get back to the training directors as soon as possible within these windows of time, when they decide whose offer to accept.


     b)    If Candidate places an offer “on hold,” they are immediately directed to:

    - Make calls to the programs they are more interested in and try to secure a position

    - If Candidate accepts another placement during this "hold" period, they must "release" the hold as soon as possible by calling the Training Director for the program on hold 

    - If Candidate does not call the KP Training Director back in 30 minutes (for KP) or 4 hours (for non-KP), either to accept or decline the offer, the Training Director may “release” the hold and offer the position to another candidate.


    If you are not selected for a postdoctoral residency position with Kaiser Permanente on UND, please know that there is still a possibility that, between UND and the coming September, we may need to re-fill some of our positions.  Any positions needing to be filled will be posted on the KP jobs website with new job requisition numbers. 

    In order for you to be notified when any re-fill position is posted on the KP jobs web site, please go to your KP jobs account and select "Account Setup/My Account Options; Edit & Save" to set up your account for this option.

    Thank you for your interest in KP Northern California Mental Health Training.


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