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Program Locations

Each program is unique. Please see individual program pages for more information.



Program Mission

Kaiser Permanente Northern California’s mission is to provide efficient, high-quality, evidence-based, integrated health care while supporting innovation and continuous quality improvement. KPNC identifies this objective in its official mission statement, “to provide high quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve”.

The goal of the doctoral internship programs in clinical psychology is to provide interns with training within the integrated and multidisciplinary KPNC system as an entry-level psychologist. The training program’s mission statement declares that it is “committed to training clinical psychology interns within an integrated health care system, in order to prepare them for dynamic roles as practicing psychologists in the health care system of the future”.

Program Competencies

The Kaiser Permanente Internships in Clinical Psychology are year-long, full-time, 2000-hour positions. The goal of the internships is to provide interns with comprehensive training opportunities while serving the needs of our members. Kaiser Permanente has well-established psychiatry, chemical dependency and mental health departments that can be enhanced by the experiences our interns bring to the programs. Together, we strive to continue to improve the services we provide our members at Kaiser Permanente.

To accomplish the goal of personal and professional development of each intern, an individual learning plan is developed by the intern and his or her primary supervisor. The emphasis on the individual plan is to organize training in a sequential, cumulative, and graded manner. The intern and supervisors review the training plan quarterly to ensure that training is meeting the needs of the intern and that the intern is sufficiently guided through the professional development process. Particular emphasis is placed on the following areas:


  1. A.    Research 
  2. B.    Ethical and Legal Standards
  3. C.    Individual and Cultural Diversity 
  4. D.    Professional Values, Attitudes and Behaviors 
  5. E.    Communication and Interpersonal Skills 
  6. F.    Assessment 
  7. G.   Intervention 
  8. H.   Supervision  
  9. I.    Consultation and Interdisciplinary Skills


Community Partnerships

Pay Rate for Doctoral Interns

Currently (Spring 2019) the pay rate for the doctoral interns is $21.47/hour.  All positions are 40 hours/week.  Interns also receive paid holidays and Paid Time Off (PTO), medical insurance and other benefits. More information is available on our Salary and Benefits web page.

Application Process

Our internship programs select pre-doctoral candidates through the APPIC Match program.  Internship applicants register for the APPIC Match via an online registration process. Registration procedures are provided at