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  • 2016-2017 Regional Seminar Schedule

    Program Locations

    Each program is unique. Please see individual program pages for more information.



    Program Goals

    The Kaiser Permanente Internships in Clinical Psychology are year-long, full-time, 2000-hour positions. The goal of the internships is to provide interns with comprehensive training opportunities while serving the needs of our members. Kaiser Permanente has well-established psychiatry, chemical dependency and mental health departments that can be enhanced by the experiences our interns bring to the programs. Together, we strive to continue to improve the services we provide our members at Kaiser Permanente.

    To accomplish the goal of personal and professional development of each intern, an individual learning plan is developed by the intern and his or her primary supervisor. The emphasis on the individual plan is to organize training in a sequential, cumulative, and graded manner. The intern and supervisors review the training plan quarterly to ensure that training is meeting the needs of the intern and that the intern is sufficiently guided through the professional development process. Particular emphasis is placed on the following areas:

    • Clinical Intervention: To aid the intern in becoming a general practitioner of psychology who utilizes several empirically-based theoretical orientations and interventions in the practice of psychology.
    • Psychological Assessment: To aid the intern in becoming a competent practitioner who accurately selects, administers, scores, and interprets a variety of psychological tests. It is expected that the intern will be able to integrate the findings into comprehensive written assessments to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.
    • Professional Development and Life-long Learning: To aid the intern in developing their personal and professional strengths in current practice, as well as future advancement of their skills. It is expected that the intern will enhance their commitment to lifelong-learning and collaboration with professionals from many disciplines.
    • Multi-Cultural Issues: To aid the intern in being aware of diversity and individual differences in their patients and how their own personal cultural background may affect practice.
    • Professional Ethics and Standards: To aid the intern in furthering knowledge and application of ethical principles and standards of professional practice, research, self-evaluation, and personal growth.
    • Supervision and Consultation: To aid the intern in the development of supervision and consultation models by being both the recipient and provider of such services.
    • Scholarly Commitment: To aid the intern to integrate theory and research into clinical practice.


    Application Process

    Our internship programs select pre-doctoral candidates through the APPIC Match program.  Internship applicants register for the APPIC Match via an online registration process. Registration procedures are provided at