Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center

Community volunteerism

Employee and physician volunteering in the community

Kaiser Permanente employees and physicians engage in the community by volunteering their time and expertise. Employees and physicians with a NUID can log on to kpcares.org to post, view or register for volunteer activities.

Giving back through blood donation

According to the American Association of Blood Banks, you could save up to three lives with just one donation. With one simple act, you can help a cancer patient beat the odds, increase a premature baby's chance to be healthy, and give an accident victim the strength to survive. So take some time on your way to work, after work or on your next day off and become a hero.

In general, you're eligible to donate blood if you:

You can make a donation at our local Blood Donor Center, located at 1515 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027, 323-783-6667.

Platelet donors and donors of other blood components needed

You may donate platelets for a specific relative or friend or for any patient in need. Platelets are cells in your body which help form clots to control bleeding. Platelets expire in just five days and are regularly in short supply. Children being treated for leukemia, premature infants and children requiring heart surgery need your platelets. So do adults undergoing cancer treatment, organ transplants, trauma and open-heart surgery. You may also choose to donate red cells or plasma.

To schedule an appointment or learn more, please contact the Kaiser Permanente Blood Donor Center at 323-783-6667 or email us at blooddonor@kp.org. We are located at 1515 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles 90027