Kaiser Permanente Orange County Medical Center

Emergency & urgent care

We care about your health and helping you make wise care decisions. Understanding what kind of care you need is important.

Here is a snapshot reference of what kind of care specific symptoms require. It is good prevention to familiarize yourself with these situations to best manage your health if ever the need arises.

(not all inclusive)
Locations Hours Appointment
Emergency Care Life or limb-threatening condition, chest pain, severe shortness of breath, sudden slurred speech or inability to move, active labor, complicated medical history Anaheim Medical Center

Irvine Medical Center
24 hours a day No
Urgent Care Sore throat and upper respiratory symptoms, earaches, coughs, backaches, headaches/migraines, bladder infections/urinary tract infections; and minor injuries including ankle/wrist sprains, lacerations or cuts to the extremity (arms, fingers, legs, and toes, facial, scalp) and contusions. Garden Grove Medical Offices

Harbor-MacArthur Medical Offices

Mission Viejo Medical Offices
9am - 9pm, every day

Advice Nurse Advice 888-988-2800 7am - 7pm, Monday - Friday No
KPOnCall Advice after hours 888-KPONCALL
7pm - 7am, Monday - Friday
(24 hours Saturday &