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Child Health Plan
Headline: Who is eligible
Before requesting an application, please read below to see if your children qualify.

Your children may be eligible for Kaiser Permanente Child Health Plan if they:

  • are under 19 years of age (birth through age 18) and not currently insured
  • are not eligible for public health care coverage such as Medi-Cal,  or Healthy Families or California Children’s Services (CCS) (see our Useful resources page to get contact information for these programs)
  • are not eligible for health care coverage that is paid for, in any part, by an employer
  • are in a family with an annualized income‡ between the ranges shown below


$8 per child*†

$15 per child*†

Family size
(parents & children)

Annualized income‡ before taxes is between:

Annualized income‡ before taxes is between:


$0 to $37,825

$37,826 to $45,390


$0 to $47,725

$47,726 to $57,270


$0 to $57,625

$57,626 to $69,150


$0 to $67,525

$67,526 to $81,030


$0 to $77,425

$77,426 to $92,910


$0 to $87,325

$87,326 to $104,790


$0 to $97,225

 $97,226 to $116,670

For each
additional person

add $9,900

add $11,880

Ranges shown above are subject to change.

A single parent/guardian who lives with one child counts as a family of two.

*Monthly premium per child, up to three children. Additional children are covered at no extra premium.

†If your income is within the ranges in this column and you are eligible for Medi-Cal or Healthy Families, please apply to those plans first before you apply for our plan.

‡Annualized income is your projected income for one year, based on the total monthly household gross income information you submit with your application.

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